Posted by: Kiko Kalabud | January 1, 2011

I cannot do the 14 Days to be Filipino Project



I don’t actually know…

I had the chance to watch “RPG: Metanoia” yesterday but I didn’t because the next running time would be in 20 minutes from the moment I got in the theater. My dad told me that we should watch Tron: Legacy na lang, but I was committed with the 14DAYS project. So I watched Shake, Rattle and Roll 12 instead.

Thinking that “RPG:Metanoia” would be still shown today, I decided to go see it with my family. But to my surprise, one of the 3D theaters of this specific mall was showing ‘ROSARIO’, not that I’m complaining, but the other one was showing a non-MMFF movie! For Christ’s sake, they’re showing Tron instead of RPG! Sorry for ranting, but in my part, I guess this is really unfair. Since it’s only 6 days before the MMFF ends, why not prioritize the MMFF entries instead?

I’m sure that they were concerned of how much money they will get if they showed Tron instead of RPG, but for crying out loud, can’t they bring Tron back to theaters on the 8th? They did the same with “Avatar” last year, why can’t they do it with Tron?

And I do not know if they’re ever going to show “Father Jejemon” and “Super Inday”. That’s just plain awful! The other mall with 4 cinemas here is showing the same movies the other was showing, minus Tron and Agimat.

I’m sorry if I failed you, guys! I do not know if there’s a rule that says MMFF entries should be prioritized every MMFF season, but I think this should be one major concern.


So, they’re showing Rosario, and I’m going to watch it on Monday afternoon. That leaves me with watching only 5 movies (for sure) this year. I’m totally buying the DVDs for the movies I won’t be seeing this year.


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