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Movie Review: Rosario

‘Rosario’ is, fortunately, based on a true story.

I already knew before watching the movie, that this won 2nd Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Production Design, and Best Cinematography. And indeed, it deserved everything it won. It tells a tale of a young woman who develops independence and maturity with her mistakes. And when it came to the point wherein she realized everything she did that lead her to her downfall, she took one courageous step that made her what every woman should be. Read More…

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Pinoy Direk BLOGSPOT is officially launched!

My reviews will be posted at: !

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Movie Review: DALAW

I was in one of the most annoying crowds w when I watched “Dalaw” earlier. I was seated near a family of 12– three of the women was next to me, while the others were behind me. They were very noisy throughout the whole movie. In the parts where everybody was screaming their hearts out, the annoying 12-year old boy Read More…

Posted by: Kiko Kalabud | January 1, 2011

I cannot do the 14 Days to be Filipino Project



I don’t actually know…
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